Friday, June 10, 2005

Advani loses face

In darkness we look for a ray of light. Politics, all over the world, is played without rules. But there is an extent to which things are carried. And, the Advani saga breached that limit.

By withdrawing the resignation he has lost his credibility. Did he fear a split in BJP, which he would have been accused of triggering. Now, for what was all that drama?


  1. Yeah I am wondering the same....why the melodrama and then the anticlimax..????

  2. You are right, it looks like a farce more than anything else

  3. i guess his senility got the better of him!!

  4. What I was wondering is... what did the guy had to lose?
    He has seen his days of glory and is now senile enough to be concerned about the trivial matters like being in a party or not...

  5. kya hoga ish desh ka? even I am growing old:-)