Monday, September 19, 2005

Is our govt grateful to citiziens?

Here is an interesting thought from a friend of mine. He put this across to me in an email, and I thought I will put it up here.
"When a person shells out money, does he/she feel a sense of contribution... that, say, it is going to a government body ? For example, when a person goes in a government bus instead of a private bus, does he/she feel happy that 'yeah, the cost of the ticket is going to the government' ?... I have felt it most of the time... If it is true, then the question is: Is the government really capitalising on this factor?"
A very interesting thought, which has occurred to me also, and coincidentally, when travelling in the city bus. I have thought about this point in the context of people of other cities, states and even countries working, living in Bangalore. A great many of these non-Bangaloreans have made Bangalore their home. Not just in the sense having bought a house, but contributing to the economy of Bangalore by way of paying taxes and also by spending their money in the city. The government is gaining a lot of money, no doubt.  
My friend asks: Is the government capitalising on this factor? I really don't think so. Had it been so, the government (by which we mean the politicians who take all the crucial decisions or at least give the crucial nod to bureaucrats' ideas) would have served the city, state and nation better. They would have been more conscientious, meticulous, prudent and committed in their public service. The government of course is, no doubt, contributing in a large measure to the development of the city and the state. But that's just by default, it is not because the majority of government officials have worked in a concerted, proactive manner, with the real aim of making this city and state a great place. Karnataka government is one of the richest in the country. If the government (politicians and govt officials) realised that it owes its richness to the citizens, they would have been a lot more grateful, devoted. Look at our roads on which the government buses also ply.

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  1. I am sure a lot of us are thinking alike on this issue. I was just thinking the other day, its time for bangalore to have its own metro government and a more effective leadership. Bangalore's growth should be directed by its residents. Bangalore should elect its own leadership and it should have its own Police, Traffic force,Transportation and other civil facilities somthing like that of Mumbai and delhi.

    BTW. thanks for dropping in to my blog.