Sunday, February 25, 2007

P Bhaskaran passes away

It’s difficult, sometimes, not to notice a sad coincidence. Within a couple of days of Sham Lal’s passing away, another legend, P Bhaskaran, has bid goodbye for ever. Both were icons in their respective fields: journalism and cinematography. In Kerala, one whole generation grew up listening and humming the songs Bhaskaran penned; lyrics which hid within them ideas that struggled to break free in a society shackled by parochial taboos.

Neelakuyil, made in 1954, was a landmark in Malayalam cinematography. P Bhaskaran not only penned the songs, he, along with Ramu Karyat, directed it. The movie was based on a story written by Uroob. The movie, the first Malayalam movie to be shot outdoors, also won the President’s medal. The movie also had launched Sathyan, another great Malayalam actor.

Incidentally, Sashikumar, the well-known TV personality, and currently with the Asian College of Journalism, Chennai, is Bhaskaran's son-in-law.

Photo credit: The Hindu

Obituary in Malayala Manorama

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