Saturday, February 24, 2007

Rail travel safety

On Monday, Lalu Prasad will present the railway budget. When safety of train journey is such a hotly discussed subject now, I don't know if he has taken not of this news item from Britain:
  • An elderly woman has died and five other passengers have been seriously hurt in a train derailment in Cumbria. Several carriages were left on their side after a Virgin London to Glasgow service crashed at Grayrigg, near Kendal, at 2015 GMT, at about 95mph. Police said 22 people went to hospital and dozens more were "walking wounded"...
    What is remarkable is that only one person, that too an elderly woman, died after the train travelling at 95 mph derailed. (BBC)

Minister Lalu Prasad must naturally have these doubts:

- why in India when a train moving much slower derails, more people die?

- is it because in India, we have much poorer rescue arrangements. The minister must know that a good part of rail lines in India run through areas that are absolutely inaccessible.

Any thoughts on rail travel safety?

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