Will you shop online if there are no discounts?

Most of us have shopped online - either on Flipkart or Amazon or Myntra or any other e-commerce site. But why do we shop online? Everyone says it's convenient. But my gut feeling is it's the price factor.

If we plan to buy something, most of us check the online price. The general impression is it's cheap online. Most of us fall for the discount (even if it'sn't very substantial), and click "buy".

Many people buy something online (even if they don't need to buy it) only because they have got a good deal. I know a few friends, who keep looking for them.

After giving lots of discounts, most of these sites, aren't making profits. They are just managing to stay afloat, aided by funds from venture capitalists, who are investing based on extrapolated growth curves.

The moot question is: if the online price is the same as offline, or not considerably less than offline, or if there were no more "daily deals", will people still shop online?

What is your take on this?


  1. I do not know about India. But in USA, they will. Because it saves time. And convenient because you can shop at any time, even at 2 am.

    1. True, time factor is major attraction. Surely, in India too, especially in cities like Bengaluru where getting from one place to another is a nightmare.

  2. No. without discounts, I'll restrict my online purchases to items which I can't get in brick and mortar stores, books for example

  3. For me it is a matter of time saving and convenience first and then price, but not because of the discount. In Mumbai looking for something specific in brick and mortar shops could end up wasting your entire day and possibly cost you a ridiculous amount of money in travelling all over the place.

    With the mad traffic in most big cities, even if you buy something at the MRP online you still save yourself transport cost in the end. In Mumbai depending where you need to go it could be saving you the hassle of spending 6-700 rupees on taxi fares. Significant enough a saving :-)

  4. I agree with SG, it saves time, and in US you have the concept of Ship to Store, so all you have to do is buy online and pick it up from the store, saves time and shipping costs. And during holidays it tough to find parking in the malls/stores.

    But Sadly online shopping takes away the thrill of seeing and having something right that moment/spot, you need to have patience and wait until its delivered.

    1. It is easy and comfortable to shop online known commodities. But if it is new stuff, I don't know how they look and feel like, I would prefer getting it offline. And for subsequent purchases online.


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