Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Tea or coffee?

Image courtesy: Cliparts Zone
It is said there are as many varieties of tea as there are people who want to drink it. It just means there is no one single way of making tea, and everyone has his or her preference on how the drink should taste.

This is one reason why I often choose coffee when I am asked if I would like to have tea or coffee. The taste of coffee doesn't vary too much irrespective of the way it is prepared, at least for my palette.

Whether it be tea or coffee, I don't like it too strong or too light. Ideally, it should be a fine balance between the two, but a bit on the lighter side is way better than being on the stronger side.

The first cup of drink in the morning is two glasses of plain water. Then, a little later coffee without milk. Then after a bit of workout, along with breakfast, tea with milk.

India is the second largest producer of tea in the world, after China. A number of places in the state of Assam, which produces the largest amount of tea in India, Darjeeling in the state of West Bengal, Nilgiris in Tamil Nadu, Munnar in Kerala, Kodagu in Karnataka are some of the major places where we find tea plantations in India.

Coffee is more popular in south India, and tea in north India.

There are umpteen ways of making tea. But in India most people let the tea leaves or the tea dust brew in boiling water or in very diluted boiling milk.

How strong or light the tea would be depends on many factors like: 1. how much tea leaves is added, 2. how much milk is added, and 3. for how long the mixture of tea and water/milk is allowed to boil.

This is the most tricky part, because all this varies depending on the brand of tea. So it is all a lot of trial and error until one gets the right combination.

We at home decided to try out a new brand. And I think I got the right combination with the tea I prepared this morning. Finally!

How about you? You like tea or coffee? With milk or without milk? There are many people who don't take either; they prefer just plain water.