Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Bangalore in the making

That Bangalore is congested is nothing new. There are more vehicles on narrower roads. But what most people aren't seeing is the New Bangalore that is in the making.

In less than six months, Metro Rail will start running. That will change the face of Bangalore. Because any city is only as good as its transportation system. Once Metro is commissioned, bus system will also be changed.

I don't understand why people try to compare Bangalore with other cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai. The Bangalore that we see today is only at the most 15 years old -- nothing in the life of a city.

Like a human being a city grows, and it's not often a smooth affair. What we need to do is to be supportive, and not cynical. We need to help the city grow well not obstruct. It goes to the credit of people and the media that the growth has bee in a very organised manner, keeping the essence and character of the city intact.

Let us all ensure that the city achieves great heights and becomes the best one not just in India but the entire world.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy Id, Happy Ganesh Chaturthi

Hope tomorrow will be a peaceful day, when people will spend their time -- if not in calm spiritual reflection at least -- in the comforts of their home or where ever, watching movies, having good food, or in some sort of harmless fun.
Hope no one will try to mess up other people's lives and also make this world uninhabitable, more than what it already is.
On one side it's the anniversary of 9/11. And to make matters worse, as if it already is not, some one is planning to publicly insult people's personal beliefs and faith, in a manner that makes me shudder, thinking of the consequences. How one person can actually mess things up so badly is shocking.
In India, coincidentally, Muslims and Hindus will have their religious festivals of Eid and Ganesh Chaturthi on the same day, tomorrow. Not in the recent past such a thing has happened.
It will be an opportunity to show the world that in India different faiths can live peacefully and in harmony. I hope people keep their religious faiths to themselves, to their private space; and there's no undue public flaunting of individuals' personal beliefs and faiths.
Hopefully tomorrow there's no attempt by anyone to test other people's tolerance levels. Hope the festive season heralds peace, happiness and prosperity.