Thursday, January 22, 2015

Book Review - Adultery by Paulo Coelho

The book is about Linda, a 20-something journalist, who is extremely successful in her career. She has a loving and caring husband and two children. But deep within her, she has a very unsettling void. The fissure is filled by images of a steamy relationship in college days. She goes chasing those images, which only drives her crazy, forces her to do weird, immoral and at times illegal things.

The theme is indeed adultery, and the narrative has a few graphic descriptions of sexual encounters. But it's not just about that. It's also about peace, love, happiness and contentment. Or, rather the lack of them. She is on a journey trying to find out why she is feeling let down by herself.

This is the second book of Coelho I am reading. The first one being the much-acclaimed Alchemist. This doesn't fall in that league at all. This easy-read book is not a classic either. It's all about Linda's introspective conversations, and her interactions with friend and her husband. The book captures a widespread reality. But only Linda's emotions are described in great detail. So you get a feeling that it's all from her perspective. I felt that the book fell just short of making an emotional impact.

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Serendipity of a musical kind

I was in a train travelling from Kozhikode to Mangalore today morning. I was lying down on the upper berth. Just when the train was pulling into the station, I was struck by a very rhythmic music. I looked around to see who was playing it. In fact, instead of getting irritated, I was only getting more curious.

Soon, I found that a boy aged around 5 on the upper berth beside mine playing it on a mobile phone. He was blissfully enjoying it and playing it over and over. I sat up to see what it was. It was an animation clip. The music was so captivating; but I had no clue to what it was.

Just when I was about to ask him about it, his parents began scrambling the luggage, and the boy was summoned down. He was carefully descending the steps from the upper berth. Later, he began talking to his mother even while keeping that music on. There was no way I could interrupt them with my question. That would have been very odd.

I was reminded of a similar incident many years ago. When I had gone to a mobile store, I heard a very nice Tamil song. I asked the person who was playing it what song was it. He said it was some Tamil song; and he wasn't quite sure of the first line either nor the movie.

I never heard that song anywhere else; and it was lost forever.

Today, I didn't want to make that mistake. So, I quickly took out my mobile phone and recorded a small clip of it, so that I could play it to someone who could then tell me what song that was.

At my friend's house, later in the day, I played the music; and she knew what it was. "It's Cleopatra Stratan's famous Zunea-Zunea."

Here's the original song from YouTube.

Here is a Wikipedia entry on Cleopatra Stratan.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

House for Rema - Sainik School Alumni Social Project

Rema being interviewed
Destiny is not just about misfortune. It can also be about good tidings. Rema, a young budding poet in a remote Pallikkar village in Payyoli of Kozhikode district, knows.

For this youngest of seven siblings, first, it was misery in the form of family squabbles, physical infirmity and emotional trauma. All of that ended in she and her TB-inflicted father being reduced to a nerve-racking state, and forced to live in a shed on a piece of land susceptible to waterlogging.

The Malabar chapter of my (Sainik School, Kazhakootam) alumni association got to know of her plight from media reports, and drew up a plan to build a House for Rema, as its second Social Project. The first project was a free medical camp conducted by all the doctor-alumni from in and around Kozhikode, a few months ago.

The House for Rema
The House for Rema project was taken up in May last year. After surmounting innumerable hurdles of different kinds during the next eight months, the house, the dream the talented young girl nurturned for many years, was ready for occupation.

Hari Ashwin handing over key
to Rema. Behind to the left
is Mr Poonacha and to the
right Capt Ramesh Babu.
She took possession of it at a simple ceremony today evening. The key was handed over to her by Hari Ashwin, a 6th standard student of Sainik School. He was there for Christmas vacation. There was a crowd of around 250 people, including 23 old students, five current cadets, and former Geography teacher Mr M K Poonacha who as the chief guest unveiled the plaque. Rema acknowledged the effort by reciting a poem, that moved many to tears. The entire project was driven by a group of alumni led by Capt Ramesh Babu.

We may not be able to help each and every needy person. But all of us can make some effort, in our own way, to help some people.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year To Do List

The first day of another new year. Woke up around 7 am to a strange sound. Rain? Looked out through the window. Indeed it was the pitter patter of the rain drops. Very unlikely on a New Year Day.

Last year was a significant one. I changed my job. This year too will be momentous. Because I will pass a milestone in my life. More about that some other day.

New Year resolutions? No. Never believed in them. I think in school, I used to have them. But they never worked out. Probable reason: they were decisions I was forcing myself to take because it was January 1. So, no ambitious goals. I am restricting myself to small tasks. I have made a list of things to do in 2015. Easier to keep track, accomplish and feel gratified. What are they? That will be the subject of my end-of-year post.