Monday, April 5, 2021

Science ignored: governments mismanaging pandemic

Date: Sept 17; 2020; Fresh cases: 97,894.

That was the peak during the first wave in India. Since then, the numbers had been coming down. 

It came down to as low as 9,121 fresh cases on February 16. Everyone was too optimistic, rather than being careful.

That re-started the ascend. Back to 2020. But more severe.

Today, India crossed the 100-thousand mark, for the first time -- 103,558.

One of the states - Maharashtra, of which India's financial hub Mumbai is the capital - has more than 50% of the cases.


What's more disconcerting is that this time around, there is no day-time lockdown in any part of the country. What is the point in imposing lockdown in the evening or night when anyway most people are at home? 

Also, there is no strict enforcement of the regulations the government has announced - like ensuring social distancing at public places. 

I remember during the first wave, state government health officials patrolled the streets and ensured that businesses adhered to restrictions. Nothing of that sort now.


During the first round, last year, science seemed to dictate the course of government actions. Now, during the second wave, it's business and political considerations.

Not that economy should be ignored. But there are better ways of treading a careful middle path so that both business and health can be taken care of. 

Sadly, the way the pandemic is being managed now doesn't bode well.


COVID-19 tracker - NDTV


  1. I think managing pandemic should be administered by the federal (central ) government uniformly throughout the country and not left for the states to administer.

  2. Hari OM
    Oh, when I read of the lockdown returning to Indian cities, I had understood it to be total, but now it seems this is not the case.

    Still, I have to say, controlling a population is never going to be an easy task for any government that wants to be 'popular' with what they consider to be important - business. And it is difficult not to become complacent after some time... oh to be a fly on the wall of historians a century from now! YAM xx

    1. HiYamini - Well, when it comes to the pandemic, I don't think anyone anywhere has the perfect solution.
      Lockdown is like an answer to a question that triggers more questions!

  3. There is no economy if everyone dies off in the pandemic. Why is money more important than lives? Of course, that was our government's response, too, so I'm just yelling into the void.

  4. I hear you. I'm an American expat. I don't live there, but I watch the absolute chaos of people deciding NOT take this seriously and I just want to kick them all.
    Stay safe, my friend!

    1. Hi Red - Well, the 2nd wave has been messed up by everyone - people and politicians!

  5. Hi Pradeep - I do hope things sort themselves out ... it's a challenge ... good luck - Hilary