Friday, May 12, 2006

Assembly elections, afterthoughts

Sonia Gandhi wins from Rae Bareli by a record 4 lakh margin. All her opponents polled so low, they lose their deposits.

Irrespective of one's disposition to "India's Kennedy family", the huge popular mandate obviates any accusation that the "incompetent outsider" has been thrust on India's polity. India's political families are a creation of the voters, thanks to our well-functioning democracy.

The focus is not on Sonia though, if looked at carefully. The winners are Rahul and Priyanka. They have "rightly" started their career at the grassroots, as election manager and election agent. That it is for their own mother is beside the point. Sonia's style of political correctness, if you like.

LDF back in Kerala

That is not the point. In 2001, UDF got 100 seats and LDF 40. This year it is the other way round. UDF 42 and LDF 98.

Last year Congress came to power with dissensions: Karunakaran opposing Antony. And, the government squandered the huge margin of victory firefighting most of the time. Congress lost badly the Parliamentary election.

Now, LDF too comes to power with dissensions: Pinarayi Vijayan opposing Achutanandan. Will LDF too spend much of the time firefighting? Already, Achutanandan's has a bad reputation of stalling progress. Not so inaccurately he is spoken of as Kerala's Deve Gowda. Keep your fingers firmly crossed.

The Kerala's political configuration of Congress and Marxists leading opposing fronts is actually a cool win-win arrangement, since they are "partners in India's progress" in Delhi. A Congress functionary's comment: "Who said Congress lost in Kerala? The Marxists have won in Kerala on the basis on the impressive work of the Manmohan Singh government in Delhi, of which Marxists are an active partner."

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  1. Sonia is pretty clever as well. All BJP tricks went down the drain due her actions :)