Sunday, May 7, 2006

Sonia questions Manmohan on economy!

Sonia Gandhi has once again played a superb political masterstroke, though a bit late.

One day before her election in Rae Bareilly, she wrote to the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh today questioning the government's decision to sign a free-trade agreement with ASEAN nations. She has asked Singh to protect Indian farmers' interests first.

A rank politician questioning an internationally renowned economist, that too on economy! Incredible!!

One doesn't need to know the merits or demerits of the free-trade agreement to realise that her letter is a complete eyewash. Singh government has already signed FTAs with Thailand and Indonesia. He wouldn't have gone ahead without the approval of Sonia Gandhi who is constantly consulted on all government policy matters.

Moreover, any day Manmohan Singh knows better than Sonia on what is good for the country.

Tomorrow as people who go out to vote in states of Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Pondicherry and in the parliamentary constituency of Rae Bareilly (where Sonia is contesting), fresh in their minds would be the national headline of Sonia standing up for farmers' interests.

Not that she needs this desperate act to ensure her own win. But an oblique benefit to the Congress is definite.

They say in politics, more important than you being right is, you should appear to be right... even if you are not. It's the public perception that matters, and not the truth.


  1. nope i guess LJ doesnot have tht feature . :(

  2. I was talking to a hardcore communist friend about elections. He told me about some dirty tricks they did the night before the election. They printed nasty propaganda materials about the opposing candidate and distributed it to every household before day break. Some even had doctored photos of the natah in uncompromising situations. Soniyaji Gandhi just took it to the next level.

  3. ** Byju
    The turnout was pretty poor in Rae Bareilly.. guess people were fed up... will know on 11th

  4. A classic political "stunt".. :)