Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Lunch at MTR on New Year Day

Yesterday a few of us, office colleagues, got together for lunch at the famous restaurant -- MTR (Mavalli Tiffin Rooms) -- near Urvashi theatre on Lalbagh road. It's an experience to dine there. It's impossible to get a seat, unless one reserves well in advance. Needless to say, we'd booked our seats. Yet, we'd to wait for about 15 minutes, along with at least 25 others.

It's like a traditional feast. Items, at least 15, are served one by one; it's so filling, it's impossible to complete the whole course. You wonder why people are willing to queue up for so long, when you get good food elsewhere. The ambiance is in no way glitzy 5-star. It's ordinary; the interiors like that of a middle class traditional house.

One reason for the crowd could be the yummy food. The other could be simple homely ambiance. The third could be a result of these two: an addictive urge to have a filling, satisfying meal at MTR. If you are in Bangalore you must check out MTR: for, as they say, the proof the pudding is in the eating.


  1. seems like you have a wonderful sadya for new year! wishing you and your dear ones a very happy new year!

  2. Looks like it was one of those good days! Only 25 others waiting? Looks like a lean day for MTR.

    We had an experience way on the other side of the experience.

    We too had booked in advance and then we had to wait for 1 full hour after the scheduled time. There were more than 100 people waiting to get in. It was a feeling like hungry beggars waiting for their portion of the morsel dispersement. Everybody crowding in at the entrance on the I floor. Anxious looks waiting for those already inside to finish their meal. Enough to ensure that the person eating inside and unfortunately having a view of the crowd outside to lose his/her appetite.

    I hope to have a better expeirence after the "bitter" experience.

  3. Yes, Madhu, you are right. I think I didn't count the number of people waiting inside. There were 25 at least on the staircase alone.

  4. Happy New year to you and your family Pradeep.

  5. is it right that some italian company owns MTR these days?? Anyway - happy new year..and many more happy MTR days!!