Saturday, September 11, 2004

3 years since 9/11

Time for introspection

It's three years since 9/11. I don't know if the world is a safer place today, after all that George Bush did. Of course he has good intentions, that's what I honestly believe. But is his method working towards its end?

This is not like World War I or World War II scenario. The enemy is so scatttered all over the world. Does Bush really know who is he fighting against? He says it's a global war against terror. And he wants all to join him.

Actually one must look at it the other way round. And it is actually Bush who has joined others! Many nations, including India, were already fighting their war on terror even prior to 9/11. Only that since 9/11 the US joined them. But the way Bush is going about it all, it doesn't look like it.

Bombs and bullets, especially when it comes from the US, will definitely win the battle. Citizens all around the world who want peace will be grateful to the US for the power they are unleashing. But is it enough to win only the battle? Isn't there a war to be won?

For that the US and every country fighting terrorism has to look beyond bombs and bullets as weapons. It is not easy. It will take time to turn enemies into friends. But statesmen across the world must start thinking on those lines, before it is too late.

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