Friday, April 15, 2005

Musharraf, any hopes?

After saying that the cross-border bus service doesn't mean much and it is no substitute for an actual solution to the Kashmir problem, Musharraf has said that more such buses could lead to a soft border. And, like an echo, here in India, foreign minister Natwar Singh has said that we heading towards a situation where borders have begun to matter less and less.

Musharraf arrives in India tomorrow. As is his wont, he will be upto some theatrical performance, a la the meeting with editors during his last visit in 2001. This time too he is meeting editors, before he leaves.

All said and done, we have to appreciate his ability to force issues, strategically plan moves and excute them with panache.


Kiran said...

The failed Agra summit is an uncomfortable memory in this respect.Responding to the Pakistan initiative to promote peace on the cultural front, India is already sending its own cultural ambassadors.but then is it gonna be of any use. I dont think so!! Indo-Pak cold war is a topic which can never end.. neither with time.

silverine said...

I have to agree with Kiran.Mush seems to be pushing these issues, however as a nation we should be once bitten twice shy.Peace would be good, but there are other ramifications of a soft border.We are welcoming friends and foes to cross over and if we do not have a machinery in place to monitor the second element, we are in deep trouble.

Pradeep said...

May be because I am diehard optimist. Things have been so bad, it has to improve. There will be a breakthrough. I am sure!