Friday, August 26, 2005

India's disastrous defeat

India loss to New Zealand today was disastrous. It was sheer luck that the team recovered from 44 for 8 to 164. Why this team can't perform is mysterious. Probably their performance must hit rock bottom (if it has not already) or even a stage lower than rock bottom; the standard must dip to the worst in the world; then all the hype and glamour will die down; no cricketers will asked to model for products; then we will begin to rediscover cricket, we will learnt to play it afresh; then, hopefully, a new chapter will open...

1 comment:

  1. The current crop of players is simply pathetic. None of them has an idea about team-work. All they seem to care about is appearing on television and in print ads. High time the whole team was scrapped. Even if GOD were to be a cricket coach, he ( or she ;-) ) cannot help this team.