Friday, October 7, 2005

One hell of a ride and...

Yesterday night was a day when my scooter (or I?) was in love with Bangalore's famous potholes. I could sense an inexplicable force of bonding between the ubiquitous craters and the wheels of my scooter...
so much so that I cruised through most of them on my way home. I am okay. Till now. But what about my scooter.... I dread going back to the mechanic. You will know why, if you read my previous posting.
After that cruise by night through Bangalore's landmarks, I was so relieved to reach my home. But when I stretched my hand to switch off the scooter, my heart almost stopped. I felt like sinking.
The key is missing. There is no key on my scooter. It is lost. Where's it? Without it how did I start this? It was there, but where is it now? Gone. Where? Fallen down? How? So rough was the ride it must have come off and fallen somewhere on the road. Gosh! How do I switch this damn thing off? What all keys I had in that ring. Break all those locks now? If someone gets that key, he will steal my scooter, break into everything that I had locked up. I knew this will happen when I pushed one key after the other into that same ring. I can't even search for it now. My brother-in-law had said if I have to put so many keys into that same ring, make sure it is well secured, like hook it to the handle of the scooter or something. He was so right. Everything is gone. What the hell do I do now?
I was still on the scooter. Not knowing what to do, with my hand on my chin, staring down into that spot where the ring of keys should have been, cursing myself and trying to find a way out this mess.
Suddenly I saw something next to my right foot. There it is. I couldn't believe this. The key had come off, fallen, and it was just there (on the floor of the vehicle) and didn't slide down to the ground from the scooter? What luck this is? I thanked the Almighty, and everyone who have been kind and generous!!! What a way to remind me, to be grateful. One key in a ring of many keys.... lost... and found.
One thing is sure, my next trip to the mechanic. I will prefer that any day to losing the keys.

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