Sunday, October 9, 2005

Kashmirs united

There is a theory which says Nature wreaks havoc with an intent. Debatable. But if that is so, then yesterday's earthquake seemed to say a lot. It hit the divided Kashmir, and perhaps one way of uniting people. What a way to tell the bickering politicians: if you can't get the people together, I know how to! And how tragically. The toll is more than 18,000. 


  1. The earthquake was in PoK. India has offered only around 100 crores in aid.

    India has not officially accepted the LoC as the international border right? The insistence on the "full-headed" maps.

    And it was Musharraf who appealed for aid, not Dr.Singh.

    Does this not mean that the Kashmir issue (at least that between India and Pak) is resolved?

  2. This was a great tragedy proving that man is not greater than nature. There seems to be so much more of this type of thing in the world today it makes me wonder.

    I hope you stay safe and well with no more trouble than a scooter and a mechanic can cause. :o)

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