Sunday, August 13, 2006

He's still the same!

There are a number of institutions – religious and non-religious, most of them run on corporate lines – that conduct stress-busting programmes. Many of them are virtual lifestyle clinics, running yoga and meditation courses. One common objective they have is to make “you a better person, more useful to yourself, your family and your employer and others”. The number of such institutions has grown exponentially over the past few years. In fact, these centres have ceased to be anything new in town now.

I don’t know if our world has become a better place to live in, ever since people started attending these courses. But I was struck by one person who has attended many such courses, but hasn't changed one bit. Flights of temper, mood swings, inability to cope with pressure etc are all still intact. Apparently, even one of his subordinates quit, because of his temper tantrums.

So what did he spend his time on? Probably one reason could be that he was sent for these courses by the MNC that he works for, at its expense. Naturally, he never spent a rupee.

The ‘lifestyle clinics’ should ideally keep track of people who come to them. If not at least, the offices that sent their employees on such “reformation” exercises should follow up to see if their employees have been sufficiently reformed or not. Or else, what's the point?

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