Saturday, August 5, 2006

15 years of web

Tomorrow, August 6, it will be exactly 15 years since Tim Berners-Lee formally introduced his World Wide Web project to the world.... That was in 1991.

In November 1992, there were just 26web servers online!

April 30, 1993 -- It was announced that World Wide Web can used by anyone for free...

Nov 1993 -- First webcam goes online: showing a coffee pot!

October 13, 1994 -- Bill Clinton puts White House on the web.

August 1995 -- There are 18,957 websites online

December 17, 1997 -- Web commentator Jorn Barger coins the term Weblog later shortened to blog

August 2000 -- Nearly 20 million website online

January 11, 2001 -- Jimmy Wales launches Wikipedia.

October 2005 -- Web grows more in 2005 than during the whole dotcom boom.

Read about it and more here on BBC.

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  1. Amazing...the dot-com boom. sometimes I sit and do some serious thinking on how the communications area have boomed. Starting from the time I finished my schooling which was just six years back,the internet thing has grown up very fast.I realise not even having a e-mail id then.Now my whole world is in it.My work,field of study and also a thing of leisure.True,but I think of another thing far can it go further?