Monday, March 19, 2007

Bob, you served cricket well

Yesterday being my weekly offday, I hit the bed early, around 11 pm, with the transistor radio. The two world cup matches were going on predictable lines and slowly sleep took over; until I was woken up by an SMS beep at midnight. It was a news alert from "Pakistan coach Bob Woolmer passes away in Jamaica." I couldn't believe it. That really woke me up. I switched on the TV and the Breaking News was all over the channels. (Photo credit:

Only the day before he was addressing the media and taking the defeat at the hands of Ireland in his stride saying such things happen. And then, he is no more. Such is the life we lead.

Though Bob Woolmer was reputed to be a great coach with Warwickshire and South Africa, it wasn't a pleasant experience with Pakistan. The sort of attacks he was subjected to was probably never warranted. But the professional coach that he was, he must have adjusted to them.

We still don't know the events leading up to the tragedy. A very sad end to a great cricketing career.

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