Friday, June 22, 2007

Presidential poll tamasha

The ongoing tamasha over incumbent Abdul Kalam's unlikely nomination for another Presidential term does no one good. Why Kalam is still being pressurised defies reason. Kalam, on his part, displayed an uncharacteristic indecisiveness in failing to state clearly if he is looking for a second term or not. Now parties must gracefully accept that there are only two main candidates - Pratibha Patil and Bhairon Singh Shekhawat.

Do away with the present system of election. Let the President be chosen directly by the people. That will be less confusing than the indirect proportional representation method, and the winner will be the perfect people's choice.


  1. doesnt make much of a difference as to who the president is.. anyways, he doesnt have any power.. and its a waste of money to hold a general election for presidentship

  2. I too tend to agree that it really does not matter who the president is, as the Prezs in our country tend to be the puppets of the ruling party. Dr. Kalam, I would say, was different in a way (like being an intellectual, compassionate and a person, people look-up to - a rare phenomenon in this part of the world !!).
    Even though there are only 2 strong nominees for the Prez post, the parties who want their candidate to get elected is on the job of finding skeletons in the other's closet !!

  3. The Third front has embarrased the President by making take such stands. Also Dr. Kalam should have so naive and should have tried to keep the politicians and their intentions away from the hard earned reputation that he had build in the last five years. But still he will always be a Peoples president and would be voted by the Indians as one of the best President that India has seen.

  4. The candidate for the post of President of India should be a man of some stature as was Dr. Kalam. That's exactly not how the political leaders are treating it now. Instead it is turned out to be a more of symbolized candidates to push the interests of the political parties. It is either a Dalit or a Muslim or a Woman who is being voted rather than an individual with a stature to hold the post.

    Pradeep Nair