Sunday, September 23, 2007

India-Pak dream final

What a game it was last night! The best part is how Indians held their cool.

Yuvraj is turning out to be pointsman. After it was 41 for 2, it was he who changed the scene -- 70 off 30 balls. Who said style has gone out of cricket with T20? Some of Yuvi's strokes were just executed with great style and beauty. And, the way he waited for one of the deliveries to come up so he could power it over the ropes... That was a majestic six, I think it was the third one.

And, each time the bowler sent down a dot ball, a roar went up, as if a wicket had fallen. I love this focus on tight bowling. I get great pleasure in seeing a batsman tied down by the bowler.

Heard of this guy called Joginder Sharma? Everyone, surely the Aussies, thought the match could be won off him. Since all the other bowlers had done their quota, Joginder was the inevitable choice. But instead of letting the match slip away, off the second last ball of the match, he cracked the stump of Lee.

The best comment was made by Sharad Pawar: "See how the boys are playing well without a foreign coach."


  1. yep, definitely the dream final. and the best part is the team looks good for a future without the 'Tridev'.

  2. yup - i watched part fo the match, it was simply exhilarating. the yuvi six went 119mts - the longest of the tourney.hopefully the final is also equally good.

  3. God please who ever wins.. he should not win like 3:0.. We want serious cricket.. ICC makes cricket penalty shootout for us..!

  4. hey Pradeep, its going to be our day for sure.. Chak de India

  5. The Pawar comment really is something to think of. Maybe the team spirit and the dynamics are cultural issues. Either way, looks like the young team is rocking. Pak has lost 6 wiks now and are not in a good form.

  6. I am sorry, Pradeep - this is off-topic -- but just wanted to point out a blogpost, where a blogger has appreciated and even quoted your comment on my "Help" post. Thought I would let you know :) --

  7. The FINALS was really a dream come true for cricket fans.

    Misbah now has a nick name: Mis-bah-a-mile

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