Saturday, November 10, 2007

JustFemme -- women's new e-magazine

I hope there is nothing stopping a man giving publicity to a women's venture! From Shruthi's blog I came to know of JustFemme, what's perhaps India's first e-magazine "by women for women". The cover story is about an illiterate woman who "has almost single-handedly done what hundreds of educated men and women have failed to do.... " Read on here. To read Shruthi's article, click here.

The vision statement of the e-zine is impressive: "Our Vision is to be spunky and unabashedly female. To question the stereotypes. To see reality as it is. To grow beyond." Both men and women are victims of stereotyping; only it is harder for women to break free of it. Much of the ills of the society are also a consequence of this stereotyping. It'sn't easy fighting it; requires sustained effort.

Times have changed, women have come a long way. But that's no reason for complacency. There is still a long way to go, and en route there will newer issues to tackle. Woman has a unique role in family and by extension in society. It's a role that no man can substitute. Once upon a time this role used to be seen as a liability; probably because only those roles that a man could also take over were valued. Definitely that is not the case today. Her role is valued, respected and cherished. And women themselves aren't feeling inferior about this role, but justifiably proud.

Wishing JustFemme all the success!


  1. Pradeep,

    There is nothing new in their vision statement.

    However, hope they stay true to it.

  2. * Shruthi: Not at all!

    * Ottayan: Why I said impressive was because, it addressed the issue of stereotype, which I thought was quite sensible. Of course, as I said, it takes quite an effort to keep such ventures on track.

  3. Hi Pradeep,

    Thanks a lot for the link to JustFemme. Ottayan we do hope to live up to the vision.