Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Barack Obama's Super Tuesday Speech

Obama is behind, but not so far as to throw in the towel; the Democratic nomination race will continue. We have seen an 'Obama surge', and that has helped him get close to Clinton. Will he overtake her? A fantastic, invigorating speech here. He is a great orator. The rendition, well punctuated with pauses, is arresting. It's a long speech but worth listening to.


  1. Sure, this is a great speech... I saw it on tv.

  2. the country is interestingly polarised now. all youngsters and colored people (i am not sure of latinos) back obama. all oldies & businessmen who are not republicans support hilary.

    those who hate taxes support mccain.

    try this link - in 2minutes it shows you, who you really support.

  3. did i post the link?

  4. that speech was indeed arresting! just finished reading his book" dreams from my father" have you read it. i loved it!