Sunday, May 25, 2008

It's BJP in Karnataka

In 2004, BJP came on top. But, they ruled the least amount of time in a shameful circus of coalition theatre. And, in a tragic travesty of justice, JD(S) which had come third, ruled the most.

Now in 2008 -- today -- too BJP has come on top, but with more numbers, which gives it enough reason to claim the government. Quite understandably, JD(S), which played the villain all the past four years, has got a drubbing.

Congress made of a mess of their strategy; or was there a strategy at all?

I thought BJP deserved a chance to rule, especially the way they had performed last time. Like I said, even though they had the numbers last time, they were never allowed to rule.

Now, they have no excuses. They will have to fully justify the "pro-development" tag they always claim. Hopefully, now there will be an end to the total absence of governance -- that lasted four full years -- in Karnataka. Hopefully, Bangalore city -- the global show piece of modernity and technology -- and Karnataka as a whole will get on the path of progress and rapid development.


  1. Very glad to see an end to the coalition drama that had dogged Karnataka politics for the last 4 years.

    BJP should stand up to their election manifesto and give the people a good governance and make Karanataka a state to be emulated by the rest of India.

    Good luck BJP!


  2. Hmmm... Iam just thinking how Y'pa will start off his works. I mean should he work towards strengthning his stand in the regions of Mys Karnataka or should he commit his work to the regions where they are already strong?

  3. I think Y'ppa will start off from where he left off... I won't expect miracles, but definitely we should see from some activity on development side.

  4. ...hopefully we visit the polling booths after five years.