Sunday, October 17, 2010

Vidyarambham today

It is Vidyarambham today... a day when children are initiated into learning. This is a very unique Kerala tradition, wherein litterateurs and scholars as much sought after to handhold kids into world of letters.

Kids on dads' laps, writing Hari Sri on rice. Some confused as to what's on, some crying, but many enjoying attention!

The function is held either at home or in temple. At home the person who initiates the kid into learning may be the parents or grandparents. At temple it could the priest.
The son a distant cousin of mine, and the son of a colleague went through this traditional ceremony today.

And interesting point that I saw on Twitter was: "Since twitter is were I write most, let this Vidyarambham begin here."... Another friend commented: "Twitter, facebook, etc can be the new rice pad for kids on vidyarambham ;)"

Link: Many throng temples (Mathrubhumi)

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