Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The platform ticket dilemma

My wife and I were at the Banaswadi Railway Station, Bangalore, this morning to receive my in-laws who were coming from Kerala by the Garib Rath. As we were about to enter the platform, my wife nudged me to get the platform tickets. At that point, a thought flashed my mind.
Since anyway no official checks exiting people, should I bother to buy them? At bigger stations like Bangalore Central and Yesvantpur, usually there are officials checking passengers and visitors at the couple of exits. But Banaswadi station being a small one, there's no boundary wall. And, people walk out of the station through the open space on one side of the building. It's impossible for anyone to check exiting people.

But the counter-thought was: irrespective of whether there is someone to check or not, I must buy the ticket, since that's what I am supposed to do. Also, by not buying the ticket, I am being corrupt in a way, as I am depriving the government exchequer of a legitimate income.

I walked up to the counter and bought two platform tickets. By the way, it's Rs 5 per ticket.

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