Friday, June 20, 2014

Involve entrepreneurs to solve Bangalore's garbage problem

Waste disposal has become a major issue in Bangalore. Every year once or twice the issue hits headlines with people residing in areas near the landfills complaining of health hazards, and refusing to let garbage trucks into their areas.

Only a few days ago the government managed to pacify the people of Mandur in Bangalore outskirts, who were on a protest, resulting in garbage piling up all over the city.

It's not that there are no solutions. But there are many extraneous issues related to land that are thwarting attempts to implement a solution. All advanced cities around the world have adopted mechanical processes to either harmlessly incenerate the waste or turn waste into organic manure.

There is also lack of determination to look for solution and make them work. Deccan Herald has an article today on how an entrepreneur is running 170 Organic Waste Converters. One of the converters in Jayanagar, sold to the city corporation, is maintained by this entrepreneur Narendra Babu. The people of the area are  helping him to keep it going.

So it'sn't that there are no solutions. Taking a cue from the good work done by this entrepreneur, the government must get private players and citizens involved in the process. Such OWCs can be set up at various locations and a self-sustaining model devised to have the manure distributed. A win-win solution that is crying out for adoption.

It's an irony that a city like Bangalore, which has a huge number of innovators and entrepreneurs, doesn't have an effective way of handling waste.


  1. This issue is not just restricted to Bangalore, Chennai is not far behind....some times it seems the whole of Chennai is stinking.....Is there any solution to replace humans picking the garbage drums and emptying it into the van...its the most pathetic job, when we r not able to stand any were near the range of that they r doing it...i am clueless...

    1. Thanks Suma for the comment. I can imagine that... It's pathetic... What is most depressing is that the authorities are simply not interested in finding a solution.

      And an interesting development is that a delegation from Mexico is on a study tour of Bangalore now to learn how to dispose of garbage...!!! Surely, before they decided on this tour, they never saw our streets...

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