Friday, May 15, 2015

Trials and tribulations of life

Life takes its own twists and turns. Not everything is in our control. Probably, very few things are in our control.

For some, life is a steady journey, with not many ups and downs. But not all are so lucky.

But irrespective of how big each one's ups and downs are, for each one of us, the hardships we endure are very severe, and challenging. As they say, everyone bears his own cross.

I chanced upon this blog piece on NDTV - My Mother Doesn't Know My Name Anymore - by the familiar news anchor and reporter Um-E-Kulsoom.

It made painful reading. It must have taken enormous effort and courage to share the trauma. One can imagine the pain and hardship they all must have gone through. Hats off to their courage with which they have faced it all.

I was also reminded of similar instances.

Here's one of them.

It would be unfair to wish for a problem-free life. So, The least we can do is to face the challenges life throws at us with equanimity.


  1. I read the article by Ms. Um-E-Kulsoom. Very sad. There should be a law like the United States. If it is an emergency, any hospital must admit the patient immediately and treat the patient.

    I did not know they are reluctant to admit 80 year olds in Indian hospitals. That is not fair.

    1. As far as I know, there is a rule (and even a court ruling, if I am not wrong) that hospitals can't refuse admission to a patient who is in a critical condition.