Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Celebrating Bengaluru's Namma Metro

The way we (Bengalureans) are celebrating the opening of the full stretch of the East-West corridor just shows how frustrated we are about the traffic. It was inaugurated on March 29, and it was thrown open to the public the next day.

Finally, the bogies are running to packed capacity. Not surprising, considering it runs across around 18 km from one end of the city to the other end, touching key spots like Indiranagar, M G Road, Vidhana Soudha, City Raiway Station etc. It's also proving to be a good feeder service for the Indian Railway and Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation,

I only wish the remaining portions of the Phase I are also completed as quickly as possible. The government has said that it will be over by November 1. That would mean the North-South Corridor also be fully functional. And a good segment of the fledgling city will be covered.

Mercifully there are fewer protests against the Metro now, compared to the run-up to the completion of the very first segment from Baiyappanahalli to MG Road, which was inaugurated on October 20, 2011.

After so much dithering and long discussion on the pros and cons of having a metro, the detailed project report was submitted in 2003, work should have begun in 2005, but the final clearance in the form of Union cabinet approval came only in 2006. Then, followed endless protests and court cases. And for the construction of mere 6 km stretch of railway it took five years! Not that it could be done in a jiffy. But lots of time and money was needlessly wasted. Delay means cost escalation.

After the first phase was inaugurated, there was much less protests. Probably, many people understood that the metro is after all good for the people.

But still there are vested and selfish people stalling the project, on some silly issue or the other. Like, who should decide how many trees should be cut.

When we all know that the metro has to come one day or the other, why don't we get the thing up and running fast?


  1. If there is something good happens, there is always some people object. We should just ignore them.

    1. Very true, SG. There are always a dozen people objecting to any solution that is suggested. With the result no solution is implemented!
      Best way, as you said, is to ignore and go ahead. But for that we need some strong administrators.

  2. i remember my first metro ride. we were all so excited! 80% that day had come just to see the coaches :)

    i am not a metro user as it doesn't fall in my work commute route. but i heard from other regular users that it is always packed. even mid afternoon mid week

    1. Ya it is quite packed especially in the morning and evening.
      Right from day one, I have been using the Metro, since my office is located close to the station. By now, most of Bangalore has understood the benefits of metro. I remember when the idea was first mooted, and work began, there were so much of protests. Now I can't hear of anyone saying that they don't want Metro.