Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Children's Day thoughts

Last Sunday, in the apartment complex where I reside, there was a cultural entertainment programme, an annual programme that is held during the Deepavali season. One highlight of that evening was the amazing, scintillating performance of talent and creativity by teenagers, pre-teens and tiny tots. They not only staged dance performances and sang songs, but also took the initiative to organize the event and conduct it so impressively. Though the elders were all around guiding, inspiring and training them, at the end of it all, the youngsters stole the limelight, giving us hope of a bright future.

Yesterday, a group of Mass Communication students from St Xavier's College, Goa, were in my office as part of their educational tour of Bengaluru. As I always do, while interacting with students, I let them ask questions, rather than give a long lecture. Some of the questions they asked showed how bright the new generation is. I have got the same impression during guest lectures at Christ University too. The standard of students today is much higher than, say, some 15 years ago.

Every Sunday, at 10 am, on the India Today TV channel journalist Rajdeep Sardesai conducts an hour-long unique quiz contest for schoolchildren, based on current affairs. It's been running for a few weeks, and those who have access to this channel should watch it. Outstanding, is an understatement to describe the caliber of some of the children. There is a section wherein contestants are shown a video clip, and on a few occasions the kids answered correctly even before seeing the clip, by taking a cue from the question. That one hour gives you an idea of the high standards of children in different parts of our country. 

Children today are growing up with radically different points of references. While one might say that today's advantages that children enjoy have hidden dangers as well. But, I would say that today's children are equally smart to know what is right and wrong for them. They are articulate, expressive, self-confident and raring to go.

This day is a reminder for elders to provide the right environment and opportunities for children, so that they can put their knowledge and skills to good use, and bring their dreams and aspirations to fruition.


  1. Agreed 100%. Today's kids are far more knowledgeable and intelligent than kids about 15 or 20 years ago. I have read quite a few teenagers in USA founded and run multi million dollar businesses. (I recently learnt Rajdeep Sardesai is the son of cricket player Dileep Sardesai.)

    1. Thanks for your comment, SG.
      Rajdeep follows cricket, as one would expect, but he is political journalist and not a cricket journalist.