Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Violence by students in school

If you give a web search for 'school shooting', you get only links about articles on violence in US school campuses. I am told by my friends in the US that shooting incidents are so common there that many of them don't even get reported in the media.

Now, here in India too, we are seeing increasing incidents of violence in school.

Last month, there was a report from Haryana of a class 12 student shooting dead his principal inside her office with his father's revolver.

This month, in Tamil Nadu, a teacher was arrested for allegedly attacking a student with a pair of scissors .

Again in Tamil Nadu, a 16-year-old boy was arrested for stabbing his school headmaster.

A place where children are supposed to learn - gain knowledge and wisdom - is also a place where tempers fray beyond reasonable limits with catastrophic consequences.

When adults themselves are violent, no wonder, children are becoming violent. I wonder if our children have the right role models in society.

When there is so much violence and bloodshed all around the world, the messages of peace, harmony, tolerance etc are all just getting lost out.

I wonder what is the solution; and what exactly is the problem with our society.


  1. Very important topic. It is impossible to prevent school shootings. Human behavior is very complicated. May be metal detectors in schools?

  2. As I was writing the above comment, heard in the news that 17 people were killed in a shooting at a high school in Florida. I now strongly believe there should be metal detectors in every school.

    1. That is a good suggestion, SG. If at all it happens, it will be quite sad to see metal detectors in schools. But it will be better than seeing children being slain.

      But on a broader level, we need some gun control. I know it's an emotional and sensitive topic in the US. But to understand that, one only needs to step back a bit, and see it as a regulation we have in many other sectors.

      Like we have a regulation as to who can drive a car; or who can teach in a university; or who can take part in Olympics. We are not talking of total ban on guns; some form of control or regulation.

  3. yes true..this is something must be taken more seriously that is least we can do future generation

    1. Indeed, Ruchi. Really sad to see those visuals of the shooting in the school and kids falling victims.