Friday, April 6, 2018

Fast, not furious

A few years ago, a new colleague in my office, asked me, "Are you from Mumbai?"

I said, "No."

"You have grown up there?"


"Why?" I was curious.

"Because you walk very fast."

I quickly made the connection. Mumbai, the densely populated financial capital of India, is a city where life moves at a fast pace. Time is precious for people there, and it's generally said that people there walk fast.

The average human walking speed is 5 kmph, or about 3.1 mph, which means one kilometer (0.6 mile) in 12 minutes. I cover a kilometer in not more than 10 minutes. So, a bit on the faster side. Yes.

But, my pace is not very fast, but my strides are a bit longer. So, when I increase my speed a bit, I tend a cover a longer distance. So, that gives an impression that I walk very fast.

Brisk walking is considered  a good exercise. But if you are aiming at burning calories, then better jog or run; which burns more calories. So, runners tend to lose more weight, and have more stamina, when compared to people who walk a longer distance.

Fast pace can be a problem, because when you walk with most people, they tend to get left behind, and you have to either slow down, or wait for them to catch up.

So, what type are you? You walk fast or slow?

(This blog entry is a part of the "Blogging from A to Z Challenge April 2018")


  1. I used to walk very fast but now I seems to walk more at a regular pace. I live in nyc and people here walks very fast, in fact, some man behind me cursed me for being slow one time and we were in a very crowded mall with dozens of people in front of me and they were walking at a regular pace which I was following. I try not to walk near crowds now.

    have a lovely day.

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    1. Thanks, Lissa.

  2. Omg I didn’t know those numbers. This is a very interesting fact. I was known to walk fast, but while walking uphills, it is funny when I have to run a little to catch up with my Husband’s speed. Reason he is taller, and has longer legs than me, so his strides, like you, are bigger.

    1. Thanks, Shesha for the comments.
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  4. So I can call you Bangalore Bannister for walking a kilometer under 10 minutes.

  5. I walk depending on the situation...if i am in a rush to reach somewhere or doing morning/evening walk then i walk fast or else i just take a stroll :) sometimes i choose to walk out...... from situations which i dont want to be a part of :)

    1. Thanks, Aparna. That last sentence was a good one :-)