Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Ashleigh Barty, confidence personified

Ashleigh Barty. Photo source: Tennis World
There were plenty of sporting action during the past 10 days that kept me hooked to the television. Besides the French Open tennis championship and the Cricket World Cup, the ones that I was following keenly, there was also the Women's Cricket World Cup and Women's Football World Cup.

The biggest takeaway of the tennis tournament was the astounding display of determination and skill by a lady from Australia, named Ashleigh Barty. She is now ranked number two in the world, just behind the Naomi Osaka.

When the tournament started, not many had Barty as a favourite. But she quietly emerged to be in the reckoning and finally walked away with the Coupe Suzanne Lenglen.

The victory of Barty is not just the triumph of her tennis abilities, but also about her supreme confidence. I was looking at her biodata. She trained from childhood in tennis and did impressively in different matches. She turned professional at 14 and got into the Grand Slam circuit a year later.

She began to make her mark in doubles, and in 2012, at the age of 16, she became the youngest finalist in Australian Open since 2004; and as a team, she and  Casey Dellacqua became the first Australian duo to reach an Australian Open women's doubles finals since 1977.


But the best and the most interesting part of her career graph is that in 2014, she quit tennis and took to cricket, and even played in the league games for Brisbane Heat.

In 2016, she thought she was done with cricket and came back to tennis. The point to be noted here is that it's not easy switching from one game to another like this. In spite of doing that to win a Grand Slam tournament like the French Open is truly an amazing feat! 


The World Cup cricket is on, and we have seen some very interesting matches. England, Australia, New Zealand and West Indies and India are I guess the favourites.

In a bad coincidence, both the Wimbledon final and World Cup cricket final will be on the same day, July 14. Not the first time. Last year, the tennis finale clashed with World Cup football final.

In a big dampener, the matches yesterday and the day before got washed out because of rain. Nothing like bad weather interrupting an interesting match or tournament. Hope the weather over different match venues clear up and we will have interesting matches.


  1. Very remarkable Ashleigh is an outstanding player in two sports. Very few people have achieved that record. I can only think of 2. India's Chuni Goswami was a famous football player from Bengal (Played for Mohun Bagan). He also played in Ranji Trophy (cricket) for Bengal. Also, John Elway. When he came out of college, Denver Broncos (professional American Football Team) and New York Yankees (Professional Baseball Team) offered him similar contract (#12 million each year). He chose Denver Broncos.

  2. Hopefully they won't both be on at the same time. Then it just becomes a marathon sport watching day :)

  3. Hi Pradeep - she's definitely proving to be a great ambassador for Aussie tennis. We've had a few not-so-great young guys who've behaved like brats on the court, and I think we're all relieved to have such a lovely young woman show that you can be talented and gracious at the same time. I've got my fingers crossed for her at Wimbledon - an Aussie win would be amazing!
    Thanks for linking up with us at MLSTL and I've shared this on my SM :)

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  5. I agree with everything you've written Pradeep! Ash is a great sportswoman and a real boost to Australia's superstars! She has a lot to offer and I wish her well in Wimbledon. I am so happy to have a well deserving, humble and dedicated tennis player representing Australia for a change. #mlstl

  6. I agree with you fully. Barty's phenomenal achievement is a welcome surprise and here is wishing that she continues to maintain this top form.
    Matches abandoned due to rain in the world cup are unfair to the playing teams with one of them (whoever would be winning) losing a vital point.This puts some teams at a great disadvantage whose matches are victims to vagaries of nature.In a close contest where every point is vital to decide the final four and beyond,the failure to provide for reserve day is a serious mistake.
    ICC should have thought about this as England is rain prone and devised a way to declare a clear winner in every match scheduled.Where matches are abandoned due to rain, there should have been a provision for a 20 over match on the following. day,somewhat like a tie breaker in Tennis to decide a winner.

  7. Hi Pradeep - if you live in England ... there's so many clashes with wonderful 'social' events ... Cricket, Tennis, Ascot, Henley Regatta ... and on and on ... but glad you're enjoying the various series. Ashleigh does seem to have come out of nowhere ... and she found out that Sue Barker (very British) who won Paris in 1976 is marked on the trophy as Australian - they're changing it! Cheers and just enjoy - if the rain stops!! Hilary

  8. What a fabulous role model - no racket throwing or tantrums just a down to earth Aussie who works hard. Thanks for sharing at #MLSTL.

  9. I am not into sports, but some individuals are certainly inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

  10. As you said switching on from one field, which was proved to be the most apt, to another one is a matter of one's confidence.Anyway she proved her worth in both.


  11. Hi Rajan:
    Glad to see this information. I didn't know about Chuni Goswami and John Elway. Tks.

    Hi Liz:
    Indeed it will be tough to follow both Cricket World Cup final and Wimbledon final on July 14.

    Hi Leanne:
    Who knows, Barty might win at Wimbledon.

    Hi Debbie,
    Yes, Barty comes across as a very likable player.

    Hi KP:
    That's a good suggestion. ICC should have that no match ends without a result. Ya, it's sort of unfair to one team.

    Hi Hilary:
    Yes, Ashleigh has made good on her hard work and determination.

    Hi Sue:
    Very true. Ash is such a calm and composed player.

    Hi Darla:
    That's ok. Not all are crazy about sports!

    Hi Sarala:
    That, I think, makes her achievement all the more remarkable.