Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Loneliness & communication revolution

No one to talk to?

They are all just a tap (on-the-screen) away, aren't they?

Look at the ease with which we can connect with friends and acquaintances.

There is no need to write letters, go to post office, buy stamps, stick them and post the letters.

No need to even make telephone calls.

There are non-intrusive messages that we can send: long or short or anything in between too.

But are we really making use of these easy communication tools to keep in touch with our friends and relatives?

In WhatsApp groups, I find more of monologues in the form of 'forwards', than conversations.

These groups are like people sitting in the same room. How odd it will be if no one spoke to one another.

Let us make use of technology to initiate conversations, share happiness and sorrows, and exchange views and ideas.

It's not difficult to break free of loneliness.


  1. One thing I find a bit sad is that people, especially young people, are so absorbed in their phones and social media, they stop paying attention to the world around them. I fear this can only lead to further isolation as they miss a smile or a greeting or an opportunity for an exchange that could bring them so much more than a whatsapp message.

  2. What's sad is people can be in the same place, and they'd rather text others than talk to who they're with. Or, they text people that are in the next room over...

  3. Hi Pradeep - loneliness must be a theme this week - I've read three Midlife posts on Loneliness and Solitude in the last couple of days! I think technology has allowed people to disconnect from each other - we don't look forward to meeting up and catching up on news because we've already texted it or FB'd it. I try to stay away from my phone as much as possible to allow myself some headspace and to encourage me to connect face to face with friends and family as often as I can.
    Thanks for linking up with us at MLSTL and I've shared on my SM :)


  4. Thank you, Valleypee, Liz and Leanne for your thoughts. You are very right. Fully agree with you.

    There are two aspects of the topic.
    One, people -- in the same room -- are so absorbed in their phones that they don't talk to each other.
    Two, if people are not nearby, they are in two different cities, for example, they have the phone to bridge the geographical separation. Still, they don't talk or chat on the phone, instead, they send impersonal messages like 'forwards'.

    Both are about the misuse of the gadget. One is about the obsession with it; and the other is about using it the wrong way by putting out 'forwarded messages', rather than using the gadget properly and effectively for good communication.

    Like all three of you rightly said, this is a sad reality of our times, that there is a reluctance to connect with one another, with many people having shut themselves inside cocoons of their own making.

  5. I am not sure whether whatsapp is a device to beat loneliness May be they are used to convey some information but mostly used for sharing repetitive forwards.One cannot obviously discuss politics, personal or controversial subjects. Whatsapp groups are a big nuisance.

  6. I have heard reports that today's young people get addicted to their smart phones and social media yet suffer loneliness in record numbers. They crave that immediate gratification of 'likes' and such but this chemical reaction in the brain provides an empty sort of high. It has even been said that the Silicon Valley elite in charge of all this technology will not let their children have smart phones. It's both sad and scary. ~sigh~ Be well!

  7. Interesting post. I like that I can come and go to social media groups I am in that I chose to be in. I have one for my head and neck cancer support, a couple based on art and one that is a caring one for others.

    I also love to blog and connect twice a week with many. I have met some of these people at blogging events or just caught up. I like it now that I can pick and choose my means of socialising.

    Denyse #mlstl

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  9. Hi KP - You are right. WhatsApp can be a nuisance.

    Hi Darla - Social media can be addictive. We must be very careful and we must be aware of why we are on social media.

    Hi Denyse - Modern technology tools can be a boon when it is difficult for us to physically reach out to friends and well-wishers. Glad to know that you are able to good use of the medium for your benefit and satisfaction.

  10. Social Media are boons and sometimes banes. A swift route of information and an evil tool of addiction. Time-killing and time consuming, it is up to you, how you would utilize it. It is appreciable that you utilize it usefully only.

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