Monday, March 2, 2020

Is 12.15 am tonight or tomorrow morning?

We all know after midnight, it's a new day. That's going by the clock or the calendar. But normally in conversations, it doesn't go that way, does it?

For most of us, a new day is after we have woken up from sleep. So, 12.15 am is still 'tonight', though actually, it is 'tomorrow'. 

But for some of us who sleep a few hours after midnight or we have to make a reference to a time a few minutes past midnight, it's quite tricky. 

I know a friend who missed a flight which he was supposed to board a few minutes past midnight. When boarding time is 12.15 am on Sunday, it's actually Saturday night! But he thought it's Sunday night 15 minutes past midnight. 

So is 12.15 am, tonight or tomorrow morning?! 


  1. I get very specific when talking about times after midnight, because this is so easy to have happen.

  2. Hi Pradeep - I can believe that happens ... we have to seriously think sometimes to make sure we're right. Back in the day ... I was flying to a friend's wedding in New York - and it was when you had to go to the station to get the ticket to fly the next day ... Freddie Laker airline ... cheapie ... I got my ticket - but was convinced I was flying from Heathrow ... but no - it was Gatwick ... I made the flight by minutes!!!! Cheers Hilary

  3. Oh, wow. This brings back frustrations from my former employment. We used to send tankers of material to an automotive plant in Canada. Besides the complicated customs paperwork, I faced an ongoing struggle with this company's purchasing agent. He never figured out that 12pm meant noon and vice versa. Of course I was blamed when an expensive mistake occurred, so from then on out made sure to clarify the matter multiple times.

    On another note, my father bought me a return plane ticket after a long stay helping care for my mother. Since it departed at eleven pm, I debated where to spend the night before driving three hours from their summer residence to my home. He acted confused, having mistaken the time for morning. ?!? That was weird, and just another reason I wish we all went by military time. Be well!