Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Kamala Harris might overshadow Joe Biden

It isn't easy to hazard a guess on the result of a US presidential election, thanks to its fabled complexity. Many well-calculated predictions have gone wrong. Now, with less than three months to November 3, the runup to the poll is heating up. 

On August 11, Joe Biden announced his running mate: California senator Kamala Harris, who herself fought a tough battle with Biden to be the Democratic presidential nominee.

The next day, Biden introduced Harris at a campaign event in Wilmington, Delaware. It was late in the night for me, so I watched the event on YouTube the next day morning.

A radiant 55-year-old Kamala Harris, brimming with enthusiasm and confidence, clearly outshined a tired-looking 77-year-old Joe Biden. Their speeches were on predictable lines. 

I am not going into the political or economic ideologies of the two. But by the end of that event, I wondered if Harris, rather than Biden, would actually lead the campaign.


Within the next few days, in India, a year-old YouTube video of Kamala Harris and Mindy Kaling cooking masala dosa began to be widely shared on social media.


On a more serious note, there is a two-year-old clip of Kamala Harris taking down justice Brett Kavanaugh with pointed and sharp questions at a Senate hearing on the Mueller investigation.


Meanwhile, BBC's South Asia Correspondent, Rajini Vaidyanathan, put out a tweet on how Kamala Harris pronounces her first name, which is a very common Indian name.


  1. I hope the best combination wins the next election ;)

    Destination Infinity

  2. She's been my senator for a few years now, so I'm fairly familiar with her. She was attorney general for California before becoming a senator.

  3. As I mentioned in my latest blog post, Kamala Harris is very ambitious. A little too ambitious and opportunistic.She knows that Biden will be a one term president only (four years) and it's highly possible that he won’t even finish his one term due to his advanced age and mental capacity. Therefore, she will have her own agenda instead of implementing Biden’s agenda.

  4. She's far from a great candidate, but she's still better than anyone else running for president or vice president.

  5. Interesting post, Pradeep. I didn't know that's how her name was pronounced. I don't know much about her, but at least she's under retirement age. I honestly think there should be an age limit to running for president. That would put both Trump and Biden out of the running, but at least the US wouldn't be offered a choice between two candidates who should be on their pensions, and not trying to run the world.

  6. I think my first attempt at commenting got lost somehow. ~shakes head~ Anyway, my husband and I think that trotting Joe Biden out of his basement and putting him on parade is a form of elder abuse. Ugh... Be well!

  7. I think Kamala Harris is the one who will be chosen because he has charisma.

    Interesting article, Pradeep.

  8. If it all the duo wins the race, Kamala will surpass Baiden both in words and deeds. According to some opinions only the spelling of her first name is Indian, not even the uttering. So naturally she may not have any Indian inclination. Let us wait and see the 'Pooram(Fair)'.