Sunday, September 26, 2021

Une surprise / A surprise

(English translation is at the end.)

De nos jours, il fait très froid la nuit. C’est parce qu’il pleut. Aujourd’hui, il a beaucoup plu.

Bengaluru a deux saisons des pluies – de juin à septembre et novembre - décembre.

Parfois, il y a le tonnerre et la foudre.

Quand il pleut, on ne peut pas sortir. C’est très ennuyeux!

Aujourd’hui, j'étais chez moi.. J’ai cuisiné, regardé la télé, envoyé des e-mails, et nettoyé ma chambre.

L’après-midi, il y avait une surprise – j’ai reçu un paquet en ligne via Amazon.

Immédiatement, je l’ai ouvert. C’était un cadeau de mon ami – la biographie de Roger Federer!

J’étais très heureux, et je l’ai appelé pour le remercier.

Il m’a dit : « J’ai vu ce livre en Amazon. Je sais que tu aimes beaucoup Federer, et tu n’as pas ce livre. Alors, j’ai décidé de te l’offrir. »

C’est très gentil, et j’ai dit : « merci beaucoup! »


Nowadays, it's very cold at night. It's because it rains. Today, it rained a lot.

Bengaluru has two rainy seasons - from June to September and November - December. Sometimes, there is thunder and lightning.

When it rains, we can't go out. It's very boring.

Today, I was at home. I cooked, watched television, sent some emails, and cleaned my room.

In the afternoon, there was a surprise - I received a packet online via Amazon.

Immediately, I opened it. It was a gift from my friend -- Roger Federer's biography!

I was very happy and I called to thank him. 

He said, "I saw the book on Amazon. I know you like Federer a lot, and that you don't have that book. So, I decided to gift it to you."

How sweet of him! I said, "Thank you, so much!"



  1. Hari OM
    I made it to 'Quand il pleut' then skipped to the English. Mind you, reading this before going to bed after a bit posting session of my own was probably not helpful to sustaining effort!!! Well done - and what a lovely gift to receive! YAM xx

  2. It's nice to get gifts from friends. I'm envying all the rain I'm hearing about. We're in a severe drought, and we could use some of this rain (but we're not likely to get it).

  3. I lived in Bengaluru for a couple of years. I love the city but it was difficult for me to adjust to the cold climate. But I love the way in which it drizzles slightly at times, sometimes even during summers :)

    Destination Infinity

  4. Hi Pradeep - how wonderful - a very thoughtful gift to receive - amazing ... so good to read. Enjoy the reading about Federer - he is an amazing tennis player and must have a fascinating background.

    I hadn't realised there were two wet seasons in Bengaluru ... I know you have lots of rain ... but don't know much about the weather seasons in India - yes the monsoon ... but little else - I'd look if I was visiting! Cheers so happy for you - the French: well done ... regards Hilary

  5. Impressed with your French language expertise. It is very nice of your fruend who thought of you when he saw this book at Amazon.

  6. Ah what a lovely gift, Pradeep! I'm impressed by your French as well. Brilliant! I am sorry you can't go out in the rain. It must be very heavy!

  7. I am enjoying the French and what a wonderful gift from a great good friend! And a surprise that you could not expect and so it was an even greater pleasure to get. By the way, do you like Tagore? I have some of his works given by a dear friend.

  8. I wanted to say as well that I enjoyed your comment to me on my human blog. I have just gotten there to check on it and write a blog. Your comment was exactly the point I had hoped to make. Thank you. You are very considerate and caring of your fellow blogger.

  9. I'm so impressed by your linguist skills. ~nods~ And what a nice gift! Best wishes to you and yours.

  10. Oh I like it, you write in French ;)) Wonderful expertise, congratulations! I bet your French is better than my English :D