Monday, August 6, 2007

Leave Munnabhai alone

I doubt if Sanjay Dutt himself approves of the campaign by a Bollywood section and some of his fans against the six-year jail term he is undergoing for his involvement in the 1993 Mumbai blasts.

The conviction and sentencing were the culmination of a well-acknowledged judicial process and have to be accorded the respect it richly deserves. Bollywood isn't so deprived that it would collapse if Sanju is away for a few years. I'm sure when he is back, his reputation will be much higher than it has ever been.

Munnabhai should see what good can be achieved for himself, for the prison system and for the society at large through his tenure in jail. For example, one focus area could be greater emphasis on community service by prisoners. It's a much undervalued aspect of imprisonment.

Let's leave Munna alone to his wisdom. He can take care of himself.


  1. I heard that he is preparing for a certificate exam on Mk Gandhiji...

  2. Pradeep.. couldn't agree with you more!

    Its better not to question the Judicial process and claim that one is guilty or innocent just going by favouritism. Sanju does have time to appeal against the ruling, and it is up to him to do this and for the judicial process to determine whether he is right or wrong...Its definitely not the job of a bunch of bollywood big-wigs and die hard fans.

  3. Pradeep,
    If the system were "well acknowledged" as you say, why is it that worse criminals (read Bal Thakarey and LK Advani) are roaming scot-free?
    Its not that Dutt doesn't deserve it, its just that some people deserve more.


  4. Very rightly said sir!!!!

    Its all upto our munna to improve his image and what good can be achieved behind bars!!!!

  5. Sanjay deserved 6 years for his crime, but, Salman with worst cases against him, was let off. Justice should be impartial.

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  7. That guy deserves the focus and he is getting a lot, for better or for worse, his choice of life