Saturday, August 25, 2007

Viral infection

There was no blogging or surfing of blogs. In fact, there was nothing much I could do other than lie inactive having been overrun by a viral infection.

There was all the sign of the impending distress on Sunday, and high fever set in the next day. It continued on Tuesday and Wednesday; three days spent doing nothing other than sleeping.

There wasn't energy to even sit up. The distaste caused by the antibiotics brought down food intake to almost nil. And to make matters worse, the medicine side-effects ensured that tummy too malfunctioned.

I woke up to a semblance of normality on Thursday. And on Friday night, I felt fit enough to get on to my favourite web world of blogosphere. The big task ahead: sifting through the pile of emails.

But some cheer on the cricket front: India seems to be doing well at Bristol. Chasing India's 329 for 7, England are tottering needing 130 runs with 5 wickets and 16 overs remaining. I won't have the energy to sit through the night. Hope our boys win!


  1. we almost managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory as they say - some more effort and we could have done it..

    well dravid & tendu were great today, but that guy Agarkar should be consigned to some 'dombivilli type' club..

  2. Gud 2 hear dat u back on track!!!!

    Keep blogging!!! i luv 2 read your posts.....


  3. @Maddy:
    It is not one-off wins that we need. Let us see how consistent we are with wins.

    Thanks... But which is your blog. Would like to read yours.

  4. I am glad you feel well now. A bealted 'Welcome back to the blogging world'. :)