Monday, August 13, 2007

Thinking Bloggers & People I like and dislike

I am back after going off blogs for a while. In the meantime, I discovered that I have been tagged. There are three parts to this blog post.

I - A pleasant surprise

Chitra has picked me as one of the Thinking Bloggers. Thank you Chitra also for those kind words you have for me. I am supposed to pass this on. So, here is my choice:

1. Aditya: In his blog, Times of Truman, you will find writings on travel, media, movies, technology, aviation etc. His style is easy on the eye; and his well-thought-out views indicate the concern his has for the society at large. It's always a pleasure to read his blog.

2. Kishor Cariappa: His blog tells you that thoughtful posts need not be long and also need not be full of words. His postings are short and they most often reveal the little thought that has gone behind them. Pictures convey a thousand words, so goes the adage, and Kishor puts them to good use. He is a keen observer, for sure.

3. Kishore: Want to read short stories once in a while? Then, here it is. His postings are about life and living that are packed with lots of thoughts and emotions. There are books, poetry, fiction, arts and music in his blog.

4. Maddy: Readers might feel his "ramblings" are a bit too long; but studded with information as they are, the extra time you might spend is definitely worth it. He writes in a way that appeals to the reader, and he touches upon everything from the Kerala town of Pallavur to music to science to the World Wars.

5. Silverine: The title of her blog, My Think Pad, says it all. She has this uncanny knack of camouflaging serious subjects of social import within easily identifiable humour. At the end of each of her posts, readers are left with a smile on their lips and a thought on their minds.

II - I have been tagged on 'Kinds of People I Judge"

Well, I take a good deal of time to judge, especially something or someone who has come newly to my frame of reference. Even when I judge, I don't judge conclusively because I don't believe anything stays they way it is forever. I prefer not to be prejudiced.

Nevertheless, I have strong views on certain things and certain types of people. I understand this tag is about the kind of people or aspects in them I don't like. So, here they are:

1. People who take others for granted; those who are insensitive to other people; those who don't believe that others too have their own views and preferences.

2. People who don't keep their word, especially with regard to time.

3. People who think with their heart rather than their mind; those who can't reason out; understand basic reality, practicality, commonsense; those who get carried away (beyond a reasonable limit) by emotion.

4. People who have no civic sense and social discipline; those who don't care for rules and social norms just because they personally don't like them.

5. Parents who don't raise their children responsibly; those who set set bad examples for their children.

III. The third tag is "People and Things I Admire"

1. People who are humble, who are unassuming, who are not arrogant.

2. People who spare at least a thought -- if not a deed -- for the underprivileged.

3. People who measure their words before they speak, and who measure their actions before they act.

4. People who believe that we are all human beings first then only Women, Men, Muslim, Hindu, American, Indian, Rich, Poor, Educated, Uneducated....

5. People who smile, and radiate positive energy around, more so in times of adversity and crisis.

I pass all these three tags to my choice of five Thinking Bloggers I have mentioned above.


  1. Honestly, I am so glad you tagged me. Two reasons: 1-It has been years since I have been tagged! 2- You have said such kinds words for me! I am honored. Thanks :)

    Sure I will go ahead with the chain. I shall let you know!

  2. Thanks Pradeep, I am honoured. Will try to do justice within few days.

  3. Thanks pradeep - I will take the tag up and revert soon...

  4. Thank you for the kind words. I think I will post this tag today :)

  5. Such valid points. Only wish people would listen to what you say here!

  6. Thanks Pradeep. I am glad you picked your five. Now, I have new blogs to read. :)