Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Bangalore - Dying City?

I try to be as positive as possible in my outlook. But sometimes reality is so striking that I can’t help but feel depressed. It’s about this city, Bangalore. Gone are the epithets Pensioners Paradise and Garden City. With no governance (ever since Congress under Krishna lost power last year) the city is cracking under the weight of modern-day problems.

The biggest problem is traffic. The other day, I was passing through the just inaugurated Jayadeva flyover. It is a very important junction in South Bangalore. Roughly: to its north is the way to MG Road, to the south is the road to Bannerghatta National Park, to the east is the way to Hosur Road and to the west is the way to Mysore Road.

I was stuck there for more than half an hour. The irony is that when the flyover was being constructed, I didn’t have to wait for even a minute! I just took a detour as indicated there. Can’t believe? It’s truly amazing. I don’t know why there is such a heavy traffic pileup after the flyover was inaugurated. Somewhere something has been messed up thoroughly.

But not that all flyovers are bad. For example, the ones at Silk Board Junction, Bellary Road, KR Puram etc really good. They have made traffic flow much smoother. So also the under bridge at Mekhri Circle.

Bangalore roads are narrow and full of junctions (crosses, as it is referred to here). Close to 100 roads, big and small, have been made one-way. Many flyovers and underbridges are coming up. But they are all only temporary solutions. Soon flyovers too will get chocked with traffic.

Solutions: Regulate building construction within the city. Develop outskirts. Improve public transport.

Unless someone in power wakes up and gets things moving, Bangalore will soon be a Dying City.


  1. Yes. building flyovers is not enough. planning is important. it is sad that such flyovers, costing crores of rupees, do not serve the purpose.

  2. Oh yes, I know what you mean. Everytime i need to go shopping I ask, " do I really realy need it??" and if yes, " can it be bought or a suitable substitute found within walking distance?". Only if I exhaust all options do I actually drive on these horrendous roads. Flyovers meant to ease the traffic have become major traffic bottlenecks. I don't know if Bangalore is dying, certainly commuters in bangalore are!!!