Thursday, March 10, 2005

End of an era: Dan Rather signs off

One of the most celebrated, more often controversial, journalists, Dan Rather, has had his last day as the anchor of CBS Evening News, after exactly 24 eventful years, on Wednesday, March 9. We in India do not have a counterpart for Rather in TV, nor for Rather's predecessor, Walter Cronkite, who was described as the "most trusted man in America".

Interestingly, blogs played a significant role in Rather's departure. Rather's nemesis was a report that cast doubts on President Bush's service in National Guards during the Vietnam War. Among the first to cast doubts on the authenticity of Rather's report was Powerlineblog, among many other blogs. And, the rest is history as they say... Rather had to say on TV: "I am sorry." His departure is widely linked to the misreporting, though he nor CBS says that.

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Dan Rather's farewell text
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