Thursday, March 17, 2005

Highway battleground

Can you imagine a government bus driver being pulled up and challaned for traffic violation? An SI dared to do it. Result: a highway on Bangalore outskirts erupted like a war zone yesterday.

Like for any such incident, versions vary. After the driver jumped a redsignal, he was stopped and the SI got him sign on a paper. Apparently, the driver's ID was confiscated. The driver, in fit of rage, went to the next junction, parked the bus in the middle of the road, and went to gather his colleagues.

Meanwhile, vehicles piled up, and morning office goers, who were getting impatient, got on to the street; and targeted vehicles. A police vehicle that reached there was overturned and set afire. Plus damage to other infrastructure. In the end, to recover some Rs 100 or so, lakhs of rupees worth of material was lost!

One, people have no sense that public property is, in effect, their own property. Two, our giant-sized egos overshadow civic responsibility and discipline. For many of us, obeying traffic rules is a matter of shame rather than duty.

People in power should play fair and lead by example. To some extent the good will trickle down to the lower end. To straighten out diehard violators, systemic loopholes will have to be plugged.


  1. A few days back a political factionist was killed in AP.we were all i ncollege,and the drive from college was a hell.they were burning the buses,business closed down,parents rushing to schools and colleges to get their kids,which world r we staying in?? and civic sense,sigh! ! wish there was a subject abt it in schools and colleges.traffic rules,ha,everyone with a vehilce feels he is the hero and no one can stop him

  2. The root of all these evil is the politician who has been voted in by our majorly illiterate population. These people fall for jingoism and the aura of power that these politicians exude. These politician decides who should and who should not follow the rules.Which is why the BMTC guys are so cockahoop. Which also explains why the public reacts so strongly when these buses knocks down ordinary citizens.
    Educate the poor and give them employment if you want quality life.