Monday, December 19, 2005

Twists and turns in life

Life is often compared to a long journey, like a long, long ride in a car. There are twists and turns; upslopes and downslopes; terrains, rugged and smooth. We take them all in our stride. We halt for a break, and resume the journey.
Sometimes I feel we all get too bogged down with these twists and turns, without realising that the journey goes on.
What matters is not the different turns that our life takes, but what comes out of that new turn the life has taken.
Life may not turn out the way we want, but we can always make the best of the way life turns out.
Am I right?


  1. life is a never ending loop of twists and turns. never try to unravel its mysteries. just sit back and admire its beauty. thts why i am lazy. :-)

  2. :) Inspiring lines.

    And yes, Mr Nair. You are right.

  3. Life will never be the way we want,But yes,accept what is offered and give the best shot:)
    You are absolutely right:)

  4. Jithu, Truman, Usha and Akruti:
    Thanks a lot.