Saturday, December 10, 2005

Violence over bad road

Yesterday's incident on Kanakapura Road in South East Bangalore where a protest by residents over bad state of roads is a pointer to how things can deteriorate. People were fed up with lack of any improvement in the state of roads and angry that politicians' promises of betterment have remained just that.
Ironically, it happened on the very day Bill Gates was in the city expounding the immense potential of Information Technology, and our shameless Dharam Singh and Deve Gowda pleading with Gates for more help in improving the rural sector. (What is Singh and Gowda doing with all the help that is already coming in, not just from Gates but many others too?)


  1. Wow, is Bill Gates in India now? not for the charity for HIV this time? I heard he donates huge amount of money for HIV's care, so I just wonder.

  2. Yes, I was shocked to read them beg for money from Bill Gates.The state produces the highest VAT collection. Where is all the money going? if they cannot answer this question then why ask for more? There are legions of people getting richer by making roads on paper!

  3. Yuri:
    Yes Gates was in India on a private visit. One, to promote his business, and two, to carry on his social service for underprivileged.

    It's indeed a paradox that such a rich city like Bangalore is so poor in infrastructure and public amenities. Media has exposed these politicians. That politicians haven't changed their ways is proof that they are so thick skinned. That is why I am so concerned over the violence, which is often seen as the next logical step when reason fails.

  4. There is a lot of money being made just by delaying public service work or worse not doing it at all.
    People here are extremely tolerant.
    Nobody questions the government on their ineffectiveness with public service undertakings or lack of accountability.

  5. thts simply not done. have been wondering why politicians of india are still doing that despite having a huge advantage is knowledge potential. its time for us to bargain for our talents and come out from the cost-effective offshorization destination to a quality service provider. whom to say right..