Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Bird flu theories

When news reports of HIV-AIDS began first appearing in the media in late 1970s or early 1980s, there were all sorts of theories floating around. Only that unlike now, there wasn't a vaccine to be "promoted" then. Mostly the theories were centred around on how it was part of a grand American plan to finish off the developing world.

In mid-1990s during the outbreak of plague in Surat, similar conspiracy theories were floated. Interesting thing is that while there was proof the virus in the laboratory, there wasn't anything to substantiate the wild theories. The flights of imagination were a good source of entertainment. However, one good outcome was that a "stinking Surat" was transformed into a "spick-and-span Surat".

Now we have the bird flu theories:

1. Western companies and governments were amazed that SARS and mad cow disease didn't affect India. They were jealous. They found that a big market for drugs had been left out. So, they introduced bird flu.

2. America is getting jittery that Indian economy is growing. This is the first of the many plans to derail our economy.

3. A clever move by the fish and mutton lobby to strike at a time when bird flu is spreading in other parts of the world.

4. Just another unconventional warfare launched from across the border. Didn't we tell you never to trust them?

5. The anti-KFC like organisations who feel frustrated that their campaigns are not working. Plus, the curse of the vegetarians.

Of course, implicit in all these is that our birds might die of anything, but never bird flu!


  1. This is one more occassion - I have been wondering how did the human life gain so much superiority over other forms of life - did we kill the human race because of AIDS or any disease, why should unsuspecting chicken die irrespective of whether they have the flu or not - I suppose I am only talking about delaying their death since anyways they will be killed and eaten

  2. Japanese people are so angry at USA's comment which was about mad cow disease. What they said is like 'if we sent you bad beef, why dont you check by yourself? Yes, maybe, we sent you poisonous beef, but you have more possibility to be hit by a car than to eat the beef. so what?'
    Sure, we are very much angry.

  3. Paavai, true humans are not being killed because they have AIDS; then why should birds be culled? If I have understood you rightly, I guess the reason is that the disease is on a massive scale compared to humans. Two, it's difficult to check the spread of a disease among birds. Of course, humans have been displaying an unfair superiority vis a vis animals and birds.

    Yuri, the callousness of US policies and pronouncements is notorious. Many Indians are also angry.

  4. Hmm... quite amusing the conclusions are !! But then I guess it is the shock that is setting in!! After all the poultry business sure is a money raker in India...!! But to be honest ... disliking the American govt policies... I would not be too surprised if it were a conspiracy!! Did you hear the news today?? Bush's agenda for Indo-Us Relations?? His dictates of what India should do to make it happen ( mark - its not what America should do ,I hate their biggest bully attitude!!) ... India has to open itself for more FII investments.. transparent nuclear policies... blah..blah .. blah!! Why do we have to pander to such crash bullshit?????

  5. Deepti, yes, some of these theories look quite plausible, given the US policies. The US is easily the most widely hated country across the globe. It's a land of opportunities (read, money.)