Thursday, February 2, 2006

Time and watch

RR was showing off his newly acquired, expensive, imported, gold-plated watch costing something like Rs 18,000.
JJ, standing beside, asked him, "What's the time?"
RR: "10.30"
JJ, turning to me, looked at his watch and said: "It's 10.30, by my watch too!"
I looked at JJ's watch. A simple, elegant, beautiful one.
Later I asked him, "How much did you pay for this."
JJ said, "Rs 750. I have been wearing it for the last six years. The strap is a new one, though. I got it last week for Rs 75."
He then added with a wink: "Irrespective the of the cost, all watches, if set right, and maintained well, show the same time!"


  1. hmmmm...i am a watch freak although I dont go for anything fancy and I do feel that what is said here makes a lot of sense :)

  2. You are correct.. A very simple story but a very very powerful message in this one.

    No matter how much you spend on a watch, if it shows the right time, your purpose/objective is achieved.

    Think about how much we spend on stuff that we could have otherwise achieved by living simple !!!

    It reminds me of Mahatma Gandhi stating the importance of clothes to cover ourself, and that's it, nothing more.

    I wonder when & if we can ever go back to those days of simple living !! I have to change myself before I can even advocate about this thought !


  3. for some it is poverty which is aproblem for others it is plenty. So how to differentiate your superiority from someone else who can only afford a 750 watch? power of advertisement!