Saturday, February 4, 2006

Politics and development

Off all that the new chief minister of Karnataka H D Kumaraswamy said after being sworn in yesterday, the one I liked the best was his declaration that he won't announce any (development) packages but take up problems on priority basis. The stress on development sounds good and looks like a contribution of the BJP partner.

I just can't understand, why in India development is still a very political subject. The need to have good roads, clean water, good shelter, uninterrupted power supply etc should hardly have anything to with which party is in power. These are basic needs that have got to do with the living standards of people, and they must be apolitical.

What parties can fight over are finer issues like whether working hours should be from 9 to 4 or 10 to 5, interst rates, whether retirement age should be 55 or 60, whether fuel price should be increased by Rs 2 or 4, whether marriage age should be reduced to 18 for guys, whether India should vote with US or against US etc etc

Our rate of development has been pathetically slow because of politicisation. All the progress we have still achieved (for the first time big powers like the US are talking about competing with India) is inspite of our politicians.


  1. well is truly inspite of the politicians that India is what she is today.

  2. Few IIT geeks has floated a new political party - Paritrana. I dont know their real agenda and plan. But believe it is something to watch.


  3. You are correct in your outburst.

    It is actually the public who have encouraged these politicians to talk crap and still vote for them.

    If a politician is talking about problems that relate to his selfish reasons rather than a public cause, the meeting should be boycott and people should just walk away or 'booooo' during the meeting.

    When that happens to a big MP or cabinet minister, the press should put it in the front pages and warn the other mugger MPs. This way, a media awareness can be created.

    Just a thought.. If we need more ideas, we can always ask the Tamil/Hindi cinema directors and they will come up with great ideas (like Director Shankar of Indian, Mudhalvan, etc).