Saturday, April 29, 2006

Exit polls predict LDF win in Kerala

Exit polls conducted by Malayalam television channels have predicted a landslide victory for the CPM-led LDF in Kerala, after the second round of polling today.

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  1. Pradeep,
    Do u think exit polls actually help us achieve any perspective or logic? But quite often results have been far from what exit polls predict. Can you, may be, write a post on ur views on this whole concept of "exit polls".

  2. I think LDF is certainly gonna win this time around. Exit polls tell the true story this time...

  3. exit polls may or may not tell the truth all the time as it is based on sampling method. But then all this is also based on the pulse of the population of that particular area and the channels have their dedicated staff working there for weeks or even months together. They defenitely would be in a admirable position to predict victory and defeat without much debate even without an exit poll. so the channels would generally be right unless there is a strong last minute reversal.

  4. Hi

    Its always the same - 5 for me, next 5 for you. Ocassionally, there is a screw up.

    That's kerala.

    If there was a choice, I doubt the guys would choose either

    But then there is no fun!